System costs?

How much does a typical system cost?
This is kind of like the question "How much does a car cost?" Are you shopping for a Yugo, a Honda, or a Cadillac?

We work with systems from a single panel powering a light in a yurt at the end  of a jeep trail to a top of the line backup power system for a 10,000 square foot home.  Because there is such variety in what we design and sell compared to many solar companies, there is no way to give a "typical" cost. We are happy to discuss your exact situation, and give you estimates for different options that meet your needs.

What factors affect the cost of my system?
The major factors affecting the cost of a Solar Electric (PV) system are whether or not you have battery backup, and what kind of roof you have.  Battery backup systems have batteries and more advanced inverters, and they require much more wiring to connect to your home. The cost may be higher,  but you will have peace of mind knowing your battery backup system will provide power to your home if the grid goes down.
Should I be shopping for a Solar Electric (PV) system based on $/watt?
Solar is a long term investment in your home, and the lowest initial cost should not be the primary thing to look at in making a decision.  Just like with any product, there are different quality options you should consider as well. When comparing bids, you need to make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges when looking at prices. 

A $5/watt bid using all US made components and installed with flashed feet to prevent roof leaks may certainly be a better choice than a bargain basement $4/watt bid that cuts corners with both quality of components and speed of installation.


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System costs?

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