Wind Power is a great alternative to Solar when weather conditions permit. Often the wind blows when the sun is not shining. Areas with consistent smooth winds are ideal for wind power, including Northeastern Colorado and Southwest Wyoming. Ridge tops in the mountains can also be appropriate for wind, when strong enough turbines are used.

e often recommend a hybrid system that incorporates both Wind and Solar power to ensure more reliable year round power.

We know that every home is different, and we always strive to design a system that is the right fit for each customer.  Let the experts at Mile Hi Solar design a system that fits your budget, your energy use and your home.

Why Mile Hi?

 Types of WIND Systems:

GRID-TIED: Feed electricity directly into the grid while running your meter backwards when the wind is blowing

BATTERY-BACKUP: Sell power to the utility, but also provide backup power from batteries in case the grid goes down

OFF-GRID: Power your home or cabin completely with the power of the wind and sun